About J Ferro Basses
You're not just a musician. You're a bassist. You're one of us.

We aren't here to tell bassists what they need; we're here to ask bassists what they want and to then create it. Combining stage-ready looks with an even more impressive rich sound, simply put, J Ferro Basses builds basses from a bass player's point of view.Unique design, impeccable construction, a wide range of tones, and years of design experience are offered in each and every one of our models with each one personally designed by industry veteran Jose Ferro and crafted with an eye toward perfection and nothing less. Our goal is to provide our fellow bassists with the features and benefits of a high-end bass at a reasonable price.After all, this is as much about you as it is about us. We're not just creating another bass for ourselves alone; we're creating a J Ferro Bass for YOU.

It's Your World… Play It!

About Jose Ferro

When we say that J Ferro Basses are designed for bassists by bassists, we mean it.With 30+ years in the music industry, founder and designer Jose Ferro took his years of bass and bassist knowledge and transformed them into a brand dedicated to offering what he and his fellow bassists truly want in a bass. His 17 years as Executive Vice President of ESP Guitars has given him experience and knowledge with sales, product development and marketing.  In addition to his work behind the scenes, Ferro is also an accomplished recording and touring bassist, affording him a view of his instrument of choice from every possible angle. His ability to capably oversee all aspects of product development from concept design to completion and drive to create a line of his own led to the creation of J Ferro Basses, and Ferro is proud to put his name on his basses.
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