We get it. There's a whole world out there full of basses just waiting to be played. And as we're bassists ourselves, we know the struggle of finding the perfect one to match our performing, recording, and stylistic needs (hey, it's nice when they look as good as they sound, right?) So why J Ferro Basses? Because we truly make our basses from the perspective of a bassist, with sound, design, and, get this, a price tag that gives our fellow bassists the opportunity to create high-quality music at a reasonable price. Sounds good, right? You know what else sounds good? These basses over here on the right! Seriously, we could keep talking about our basses but we think they do a much better job speaking for themselves. So check our some of our favorites on the right, and find YOUR favorite because after all, It's Your World... Play It!
More info about our Avalon Line
Classically understated design, solid construction with a timeless appear, and a robust tone for a modern bass sound are the hallmarks of the J Ferro Avalon line.
More info about our Denair Line
An instrument of beauty and versatility, the J Ferro Denair line takes the beauty of nature's art and transforms it into an iconic piece worthy of your own craft.
More info about our Escalon Line
With a look and tone that can't be ignored, the J Ferro Escalon line's sophisticated yet daring silhouette and high-end construction make it force to be reckoned with.
More info about our Arcadia Line
No one knows what causes birds eye patterns in wood, but there's no doubt its natural beauty is the perfect accompaniment to the warm rich sound of the J Ferro Arcadia line.
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